About Blue Collar Mechanical

A Full Service HVAC Company in East Islip, NY

I chose to work in this industry because it is in my blood to do Heating and Air Conditioning. Both of my grandfathers owned Heating and Air Conditioning companies as well as my father and uncles. I look forward to going to work every morning knowing that I am going to have another satisfied customer. I look at my work as an art piece. Everything has to be perfect and I do not mind staying late to make sure that the performance of the system is 100% and to make sure that it looks clean and precise. My name is Peter Lyons; I am the President of this company and am on every job to ensure the satisfaction of the customer. I provide quality work at an affordable price. My number one priority is to build you a perfect system within your budget and have you rest easy knowing that it will be completed safely. I have been working with my father for as long as I can remember. This is my passion and I am proud to be able to carry on the family's legacy.

Blue Collar Mechanical and it’s team of dedicated workers have been serving Suffolk county Long Island for over five years. We are your full service HVAC company, you can count on Blue Collar Mechanical for all your plumbing, heating and cooling needs. Our work is held to the highest standard of excellence. At Blue Collar Mechanical we demonstrate a commitment to providing our customers with not only the highest quality workmanship but a long lasting relationship with you. We strive for customer satisfaction when we’re done with your job we want you to be happy, you will never second guess your decision about hiring Blue Collar Mechanical and becoming part of the family. Track record goes to show Blue Collar Mechanical has happy customers. We look forward to going to work every day and our customer give us purpose by allowing us to do what we love.

We offer yearly energy savings memberships so you have absolute peace of mind knowing your system will last you years to come. From sales, service and installations we have you covered. We always educate our customers about our products and how everything works before they make a decision, nobody just walks into a car dealer and says "I'll take that car!" without doing their homework. The same goes for HVAC, but we do the home work for you!

So what are you waiting for? Call us today at 631-954-2905 and become part of the family!