Heating Repair & Furnace Installation

Heating Repair & Furnace Installation

Schedule heating repair service in East Islip, NY

We know how bitterly cold the winters here can be. You need a reliable heating system to fend off the frigid outdoor temperatures. Blue Collar Mechanical, LLC will inspect and repair your heater as needed so you can stay comfortably warm all winter long.

We provide service contracts for your convenience. And don't let the word "contract" scare you. When you sign up for routine service, you can rest assured that our dedicated contractors will work tirelessly to keep you comfortable.

Don't shiver in the cold this winter. Call 631-954-2905 now to schedule heating repair service in East Islip, New York.

Choose us for comprehensive heating services

The contractors at Blue Collar Mechanical can work on all kinds of heaters. Call us for:

  • Oil to gas conversion
  • Gas boiler replacement
  • Oil boiler repair
  • Heat pump installation and repair
  • Wall-hung boiler replacement
  • Plumbing installation

If you need a new heating system, we can install a high-efficiency unit for you. Contact us ASAP to book a furnace installation appointment in East Islip, New York.